Recent Major Projects

Talison / MSP Engineering - Greenbushes Expansion

CCR Site Services (CCR) was contracted by MSP Engineering to carry out the detailed drafting, supply and install all structural, mechanical and piping and commissioning of the Talison Lithium Plant Expansion at their Greenbushes facility.

CCR supplied and installed 500 tonnes of fabricated structural steel, various plate steel Tanks & Chutes, workshop & site fabricated piping systems as well as installation of mechanical equipment and commissioning with MSP Engineering.

To meet the tight construction timeline the structural steel was fabricated both in house at our Bunbury workshop and also by subcontracted suppliers.

All plate steel fabrication, tank and vessel fabrication and pipe spooling where competed in both of our Bunbury workshops.

Our network of subcontract providers assisted with surface treatment, rubber lining, crane support, transport and logistics including escort of wide loads.

The $12 million project was completed for MSP Engineering over a 12 month period safely, on schedule and on budget.

Newmont Boddington - Secondary Crusher Workshop


CCR was contracted by JMD Engineering to supply and install the new secondary crusher workshop at Newmont’s Boddington operations. The shed included all earthworks, concrete, electrical and the overhead crane installation and commissioning.


The 1.5 million Dollar project was completed safely, ahead of schedule and on budget.

MSP Engineering Whims Expansion Project

CCR was contracted by MSP engineering to supply, install and commission the new Whims processing facility at the Talison Greenbushes operations.

All fabrication of structural and piping where carried out in the Bunbury workshops and our network of local subcontractors assisted with surface treatment, rubber lining and transport. The $3 million dollar project was completed safely on schedule and on budget.

QUBE Crane Accumulator Upgrade


CCR carried out upgrade works to the Skandi Hercules crane accumulator at the Bunbury port facility.

The accumulator was removed from the vessel and taken to the CCR workshop for repair and refurbishment.

The refurbished accumulator was reinstalled and commissioned at the completion of the upgrade works. The works where completed safely on time and on budget.

ThyssenKrupp - Radial Stacker Reclaimer


CCR supplied labour and supervision to Thyssen Krupp for the
construction of the Radial Stacker Reclaimer at the BHP Billiton

ravensthorpe operations in WA.


Work included mechanical & structural installation and commissioning.


During the project, CCR supplied supervisors, boilermakers, crane drivers, riggers, fitters and coded welders.

Stacker 12 - New Machine - Greenfields

CCR provided construction management and a construction workforce for the assembly and commissioning of Stacker 12 for Thyssen Krupp at BHP Billiton’s Finnucane island operations.

Newman Hub - New Machine - Greenfields


CCR provided construction supervision and work crews in assisting Thyssen Krupp with the construction of a new stacker and new reclaimer at BHP Billiton’s Newman hub operations.

BME Project Tom Price - Greenfields


The company provided fully managed and resourced crews for 24 hour coverage to the BME construction project.


CCR completed the installation of 2 new transfer stations and stockyard conveyors safely and on schedule.


The company also carried out brownfields refurbishments to stacker 15 and 88.

Stacker and Reclaimer Upgrades - Brownfields


CCR provided site ready managed shutdown teams, complete with tooling and equipment to carry out upgrades to Reclaimers 1, 2 and 3 for Thyssen Krupp at the Pilbara Iron Cape Lambert out loading facility.


The company also carried out upgrades to stacker 15 and 88 at the Tom Price operations and reclaimer 7 at BHP Billiton’s Finnucane Island facility. This high risk work was carried out safely and on schedule during several 18 to 21 day 24 hour coverage shutdowns.

Works completed included:

  • Removal of the operators cabs inclusive of all electrical and controls modifications

  • Replacement of bucket wheels drives and chutes

  • Replacement of a reclaimer slew bearing

  • Installation of new platforms, hose reelers and dust suppression systems inclusive of controls and commissioning

  • Replacement of long travel assemblies inclusive of control and lubrication systems

  • Replacement of transfer chutes and impact tables

  • Upgrades to conveyor systems

  • Commissioning and handover.

Simcoa Operations – Retort Refurbishment


CCR fabricated and installed new vessels and ducting for the Retort facility at Simcoa Operations Kemerton Plant in Bunbury in WA.


Fabrication of all the required components to AS: 1210 was completed in our Bunbury workshop. The installation was then completed over 2 x 6 week shutdowns.

The 3 million Dollar project was completed safely and on schedule.

Nepean Conveyors - Griffin Coal


CCR was contracted by Nepean Conveyors to assemble and install a conveyor system for Griffin Coal at their Ewington operations located near Collie in WA.


The contract included civil works, mechanical and electrical installation and commissioning of the overland conveyor and transfer stations.

BCG Group – Mineral Sands Mine Screening Plant Douglas Victoria


CCR was contracted to pre-assemble, transport (to Victoria), fully
erect and commission the Mine Screening Plant. Pre-assembly was conducted in Perth at the client’s yard, and then transported to Victoria for final assembly and commissioning.

A project ready team traveled to Victoria to installed and commission the plant.  The plant was installed safely, on time and on budget.

Crushing Services International – Conveyor System


CCR supplied and fabricated conveyor trusses for Crushing
Services International.


A total of 5 modules straight and pre cambered where fabricated in the Bunbury workshop, each unit was approximately 30 metres long.


The finished trusses were supplied to the client ready for mechanical fit out and delivery to site.

Royal Wolf – Stainless Steel Tanks


CCR fabricated and delivered 15 Stainless Steel Tanks to Royal Wolf at their site located on Barrow Island in WA.


These ranged in length from 2 to 4 metres and were completed in CCR’s fabrication workshop.

Chubb Fire & Security – Stainless Steel Fire Lines


CCR fabricated 4km of Stainless Steel Fire Lines for Chubb Fire and Security. CCR’s Pipe Spooling Workshop worked through the project over 12 months.


The finished pipe work was to be installed at Worsley Alumina on the outskirts of Collie in WA. The Pipe Spooling Workshop continually
supplies and fabricates spools to the requirements of the client for all their ongoing works.

Transfield Worley Power Services - Bluewater’s Power Station Shutdown


CCR supplied a labour force of 25 personnel and relevant equipment to conduct the shutdown works.


Work was primarily concentrated around the Air Heaters, with further work around the adjoining plant & equipment. CCR’s supplied supervision with teams of fitters, TA’s, boilermakers, riggers & welders.


The works were completed on time and budget to the client’s requirements.

Historical Major Projects

Charcoal Incinerator Vessels: Simcoa Operations

Value: $1 million (approx)

Safety record: No major accidents or incidents

Location: Kemerton, WA




  • Fabricate 28m high x 3.5m diameter Incinerator

  • Fabricate 7 tonne Injection Coolers x 2

  • Fabricate ducting and exotic alloy damper valves


BHP Worsley Aluminium

Value: $8million

Safety record: No major accidents or incidents

Location: Worley, WA




  • MFC Boundary Pipe-rack

  • Fabrication & Installation of Pipe-rack and associated piping and cable trays

Mining construction
Mine Screen and Conveyor: CGC

Value: $1.5 million (approx)

Safety record: No major incidents or accidents

Location: Iluka, Victoria




  • Disassemble newly fabricated plant ready for freight

  • Re-assemble plant on site

  • Set up and commission plant


Shutdown services
Charcoal Retort Shutdown: Simcoa Operations

Value: $1 million (approx)

Safety record: No major accidents or incidents.

Location: Kemerton, WA




  • Removal of bracing and install temporary supports to Retort Tower

  • Remove unserviceable components

  • Install newly fabricated components

  • General fan and piping repair work 


Project services
Lithium Chemical Grade Plant: Talison

Value: $12 million

Safety record: No major incidents or accidents

Location: Greenbushes, WA




  • Lithium Chemical Grade Plant

  • Tantalum recovery circuit

  • Wet high intensity magnetic separation (WHIMS) circuit


The project was completed ahead of schedule and under budget.

Incinerator Installation: Simcoa Operations

Value:$1 million (approx)

Safety record: No major incidents or accidents

Location: Kemerton, WA




  • Removal of bracing and floor work install temporary supports to Retort Tower

  • Remove old vessels and redundant pipe work

  • Install newly fabricated incinerator vessel

  • Zero safety/injury incidents recorded during the shutdown with approx. 9,500 Man Hours expended 


Radial Stacker Reclaimer: Thyssen Krupp

Value: $1.2 million

Safety record: No accidents or incidents. During the construction period CCR was awarded the "Safest Contractor Award"

Location: BHP Ravensthorpe, WA




  • Construction of Radial Stacker Reclaimer as sub-contractor to Thyssen Krupp

  • 11 month construction project supplying CCR Supervisors, Crane Drivers, Riggers, Fitters and Welders


Reclaimer Upgrades and Maintenance: Thyssen Krupp

Value: $3 million (approx)

Safety record: No major incidents or accidents

Location: Cape Lambert, WA




  • Provided Project and Construction Management

  • Senior Site Supervision and Safety Management

  • Provision of qualified personnel

  • Replace Bucket Wheel

  • Change out of bogies

  • Jack and weigh machines

  • Refurbish ancillary equipment


Peabody Coal

Value: $5million

Safety record: No major accidents or incidents

Location: Queensland




  • CHHP upgrade mechanical and electrical works



Value: $1.5million

Safety record: No major accidents or incidents

Location: Roy hill, WA 




  • Switch room modifications - LV and HV electrical works

Rio Tinto

Value: $25million

Safety record: No major accidents or incidents

Location: Juna Downs WA 




  • SVC install and commissioning electrical mechanics and civil construction​​

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