Safety and Environment


CCR Site Services (CCR) is commited to providing a safe workplace and reducing the risk of injury and harm to all employees, subcontractors, clients, visitors and the general public.​



  • Previous record: 604

  • Lost time injuries this month: 0

  • Lost time injuries this year: 0


At CCR, we employ effective management systems and practices and aim to achieve the highest level of occupational health and safety performance that is reasonably practicable.


We comply with all relevant Workplace and Occupational Health and Safety legislation, Codes of Practice and Australian Standards applicable to Western Australia and other destinations or jurisdictions as required.


CCR Senior Management has adopted the following approaches:


  • Devising, administering and implementing effective OHS risk management systems and management practices.

  • Monitoring Health and Safety performance.

  • Providing governance to all CCR employees by the CCR Code of Conduct.

  • Providing hazard identification and risk management processes and procedures.

  • Ensuring tasks are executed to the maximum efficiency in a planned and controlled environment with due consideration of risk to the health and safety of all workers.

  • Striving for pro-active strategies aimed at continuous improvement and best practice management systems and processes.

  • Communication and consultation with employees, contractors and client staff involving them in developing procedures and practices aimed at occupational health and safety performance improvement where appropriate.

  • Ensuring that all employees take reasonable care of their own health and safety at work and are fully aware of their responsibilities and “duty of care” and avoid adversely affecting the health or safety of others through any act or omission at work.

  • Providing adequate training, instruction and assessment of employees is conducted for tasks to be performed including operation of plant and equipment.

  • Providing leadership and supervision accountable for implementing and supporting continuous improvement health and safety initiatives.


CCR believes in its “Duty of Care” and will endeavour to be a leader in partnership with all employees on its journey to achieve a high level of safety and health welfare within the business.


CCR Site Services (CCR) values a sustainable and healthy environment and considers it an integral part of its business activities and the community in general. ​

CCR is committed to continuous improvement of environmental management by adopting appropriate systems and procedures that will foster ownership in employees and contractors toward protection of the environment and compliance with the relevant statutory laws and regulations.



CCR supports its commitment through:


  • Continued development, implementation and auditing of the company’s environmental management system.

  • Identification, assessment and management of the environmental risks of the business activities.

  • Establishment and application of best practice principles, development and implementation of appropriate and measurable environmental improvement objectives.

  • Ensuring that all CCR employees, suppliers, contractors and other stakeholders are informed of this policy and are aware of their environmental responsibilities in relation to company business activities.

  • Allowing this policy to be available to the general public.

  • Compliance to all relevant environmental legislation.

  • Fostering environmental awareness and acceptance of responsibilities in our employees, and contractors.

  • Providing advice for suppliers in achieving CCR environmental commitments.

  • Integrating environmental duty of care into business planning and day to day activities.

  • Committing to minimising pollution and waste, environmental impacts and promoting the efficient use, reuse and recycling of resources.

  • Including environmental considerations in all aspects of strategic planning of projects.

  • Providing employees with the knowledge, awareness and leadership to achieve CCR’s environmental objectives and responsibilities.

  • To use natural resources responsibly and minimise the environmental impacts of CCR’s manufacturing processes.

  • Continually improve performance through training and consultation with key stakeholders.


We recognise that achievement of our goals and commitment requires the involvement and support of all managers, employees, contractors and suppliers. 

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